Staff and Council leadership work collaboratively to guide the congregation in its dedication to diversity, inclusion and affirmation, commitment to justice, support of the unhoused, other local and global outreach initiatives, and transformative spiritual growth and healing.

  • Kenneth Davis, Lead Pastor

    An inspirational, honest storyteller, Pastor Kenneth brings the Bible to real life. He has ministered in faith-based communities throughout the western United States for more than 30 years. Originally from Jamaica, Kenneth has spent most of his life in Los Angeles, where he lives a very active lifestyle. He also acts and models.

  • Mylene Marie, Music Director

    Mylene is a local singer/songwriter who seeks to encourage Faith, Hope and Love through music, words and deeds. Mylene is grateful to be a part of the Bethel Lutheran Church in the work of building bridges of compassion and understanding in our community.

  • Don Addiss - Strategic Planning

    Don brings to Bethel his experience in high-tech business management, entrepreneurship, and considerable involvement and participation in church leadership.


Bethel is a congregation-governed church. Every year the congregation elects leadership to serve as our board of directors. The council members are elected to a two-year term and can serve up to two consecutive full terms.

  • Linda Dawson

    Linda serves as President of Council.

  • Angelica (Angel) Thompson

    Angelica serves as Vice President of Council.

  • Margaret Robley

    Margaret serves as the Financial Secretary of Council.

  • Julia MacMullen

    Julia serves as Secretary of Council.

  • Ashlei Snead

    Ashlei serves as a member of Council.

  • Mylene Marie

    Mylene serves as a member of Council.

  • LeKenya Lawrence

    LeKenya serves as a member of Council.