my house shall be a house of prayer for all peoples.

isaiah 56:7

When the cosmos began with a divine push and an intergalactic explosion, all created matter was made from stardust. There is something hardwired into our DNA calling us to connect with something greater than ourselves. Worship is a place to connect with our Creator, offer praise and worship, dwell in the Word, break bread and build community together.

Spirit-filled praise

Worship is a place where we bring it all to God - our good, our bad, our mistakes, our mess, our celebrations, our everything. It is a place to rest and be still. It is a time to sing praises or soak up the music. It is a chance to get rooted in the Bible and to grow in community. When we pray together, when we share together, when we worship together we expect the Holy Spirit to show up.

Unity & Diversity

Sunday mornings are an authentic expression of who we are. We are an eclectic bunch - folks that have been in their church their whole lives and people that are brand new; people with traditional theologies alongside people with progressive thoughts; folks ready to give their personal testimony and people with more questions than answers.

Like we say at the start of each service, no matter who you are and where you come from, in Bethel we are gathered under the Holy Trinity.