Bethel means "God's House."

When we are together and when we go out into the community, the divine Spirit dwells in us. 

In all places, Bethel Encino is:

  • A House for All
  • A House for Prayer
  • A House for Generation to Generation
  • A House for Justice
  • A House for Healing

We live out this calling through our four pillars of ministry: Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship, and Partnership.

A House for All

God loves the whole world and we delight in its diversity. Our spirit of fellowship is shared with long-time friends and new visitors. In our community, we celebrate everyone:

  • people of every age, class, color, and ethnic origin
  • people of all sexual orientations and gender identities
  • people who are single, married, widowed, partnered, blessed, divorced, separated
  • people of differing abilities

A House of Prayer

God inspires us through Word and Worship. Jesus gathers us at a table where all are fed.

A House for Generation to Generation

God is faithful to all generations. We see all ages, especially children, as visible, valued members of our community. God blesses our growth as a church.

We invest in the lives of children and families through the work of Bethel Preschool.

A House for Justice

God calls us to love and action, participating in the holy work of peace and justice.

A House of Healing

Jesus shows up in the broken places of the world making healing a sign of God's kinship. We join in healing as a community that serves our neighbors and by embracing grace at all cost.