"Without a vision, the people perish." 

Proverbs 29:18

Staff and council leadership work collaboratively to set the vision for our church. Bethel's direction is rooted in our dedication to diversity, powerful spirituality, honoring of children, commitment to justice, and grace-filled healing.

  • Pastor Kenneth Davis, Interim Pastor

  • Ashlei Snead, Executive Director of Bethel Preschool

    Ashlei Snead, M.A. is the Director of Bethel Encino Preschool. She also is an adjunct faculty member in the Early Childhood Education department at College of the Canyons. She has been working in the field of Early Childhood Education for 15 years. Her experience with children ranges from birth to elementary school and includes supporting children with special needs. She has her B.A. in Child and Adolescent Development from California State University – Northridge, and her Master’s degree in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. Ashlei lives near the Preschool with her husband and two daughters; and they are also members of Bethel Encino.

  • Tina Mathieu, Lead Musician

  • Loren Smith, Lead Musician

  • Bill Meyers, Lead Musician

Church Council

Every year the congregation elects leadership to serve as our board of directors. The council members are elected to a two-year term and can serve up to two consecutive full terms.

  • Launa Prince

    Launa serves as the President of the congregation.

  • Ashlei is the Congregational Secretary and is Bethel Encino's Executive Preschool Director.

  • Margaret Robley

    Margaret serves as the Financial Secretary of the congregation.

  • Jim Christopher

    Jim serves as a member of the council.

  • Tina Mathieu

    Tina serves as a member of the council.

  • Mylene Morris

    Mylene serves as a member at the council.

  • Angelica (Angel) Thompson

    Angelica serves as a member on the council.

  • Karyn Wong

    Karyn serves as a member of the council.

Preschool Teachers

Find our directory of preschool teachers on the preschool page.