The 818

We call the Valley home. We live here, worship here, serve here.

Meals with Friends

Needs.pdfBethel is blessed to share a meal with friends at the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission in Northridge. Every third Saturday we gather to cook, serve, and share a meal with the women and children staying in the Rescue Mission’s family shelter. You must be 16+ to cook, but there are opportunities for younger ones to do art projects with the residents, This is a great place for life groups, small groups, individuals and families to serve together!

Click here for the current SFV Rescue Mission Needs List.

Solidarity FOrever

Interfaith Solidarity Network is a group formed in 2018 out of the valley’s first solidarity march last fall. The Interfaith Solidarity Network breaks down barriers and inspires solidarity among communities in the San Fernando Valley.

  • We build relationships across cultures and faiths

  • We educate our communities

  • We organize for peace and justice

  • We mobilize against intolerance

  • We embrace the principles of non-violence

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Saturday Dialogue

Saturday Dialogue (SD) is a gathering for white anti-racists who want to discuss issues of identity, community, privilege and racism in our lives with the intention to strengthen our practice as anti-racists in alliances, relationships, and interactions with people of color.

Regular, recurring dialogues throughout the year focus on the intersections of multiple identities, including Race and Class, Sexuality and Race, and Gender and Race. Other workshops focus on relationships, Radical White Identity and Community, and issues such as police and the prison industrial complex, immigration, and gentrification.

Bethel Encino is proud to host and partner with AWARE-LA to bring this conversation to the Valley. Find out more at

Penny Lane

Penny Lane is a foster care and adoption agency in the valley. Bethel has been partnering with Penny Lane for years. In 2018 we join with Penny Lane for holiday celebrations. This could include providing a meal, desserts, small gifts and planning activities. We work around Penny Lanes schedule and remain flexible for their needs. Activities are typically during the day on a Wednesday or occasionally on Saturdays.