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- Posted on 12 Nov 2017, Pastor: Rev. Steve Jerbi

Our Causes

Our Neighborhood

Bethel seeks to be a good Neighbor. To us, being a good neighbor means investing in your local community. Each year, we look into our local neighborhoods and strive to find new partners that we can live life with and work to change the world alongside. Check out our current neighborhood partners.
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Our World

The world is bigger than we can imagine, yet it grows increasingly smaller. At Bethel, we recognize that we are all interconnected. Every decision we make has effects both locally and globally. We seek to be a good global partner. Check out our current global partnerships and see how you can get involved.
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Our Art

The arts serve as prophetic voices in our world. They are the voices that often cry for justice and bring hope. Bethel believes that we are created co-creators with God - artists doing God’s work with our hands. At Bethel, we support the many artists in our diverse community. Check out and connect with some of our talented artists.
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A Vision For Who We Are

Who We Are

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