New Sermon Series This January

Holy Adventure: Stories of Growth, Laughter, Grief and Forgiveness

God loves stories.

In fact, there is a commonly held belief that the universe exists because of God’s love of a good narrative. For thousands of years, humans — also sharing a love of stories — have gathered around fires telling tales, attempting to understand life and the world.

Many of these stories focus on adventures and journeys.

We seem to intuitively understand that we best understand our life when we study other heroes on their journeys.

During the month of January, we too shall gather to share stories of adventure and journeys as a way of us better understanding our lives. Bethel is in a time of transition. There is the loss of a beloved and awesomely charismatic pastor (Rustin). There is grief. And there is all the tension associated with loss, change, and the unknown future. So we will examine stories of grief.

We will also examine stories of laughter (because laughter really is incredible medicine) and we will explore stories of forgiveness and revenge. All of these narratives will help and inspire our continual personal, spiritual, and emotional growth. Moreover, these stories will help Bethel move through this transition so that Bethel may continue writing beautiful stories.

And God loves the stories Bethel will write.

– Pastor Ryan

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