Weekly Grief Recovery Support Group

6 to 8 PM Wednesdays

Grief comes in many forms. However, you don’t have to let the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, mobility, health or your former pastor, or the sale of Bethel's sanctuary be a stumbling block that follows you through the years to come. Instead, we can learn from our tears and challenges and grow closer together. This simple statement is the goal and focus of our upcoming grief class at Bethel. 

Grieving often involves the entire family, not just an individual. Families tend to grieve as a whole and can heal as a whole if they have the right information and guidance. Children, for example, have a unique way of mirroring the progress or lack of progress of their families through difficult times. When all parts of the family are brought together in a supportive environment, growth, bonding, and love can be achieved. ALL are invited and encouraged to attend!

Pastor Kenneth Davis

Click here  to view and download some helpful information about grief that Pastor Kenneth wants to share with you. There is a workbook that accompanies this support group - email the church.